REC Power Distribution Company Limited

(A wholly owned subsidiary of REC Ltd.)

Business Portfolio

  1. Third Party Inspection of:
    • Works executed under RGGVY 10th Plan & 11th Plan
    • Projects covered under feeder Renovation Programme and
    • High Voltage Distribution System.
  2. Material inspection of various electrical equipments such as Transformers (both Power and Distribution), all types of cables and conductors, Insulators (Porcelain and Polymeric), Energy meters single and three phase and various other electrical items including required hardware etc.
  3. Formulation of DPR using GPS survey, GIS based Mapping & load flow analysis under R-APDRP (Part-B) schemes for strengthening of electrical distribution network in urban areas of India.
  4. Formulation of DPR using GIS mapping survey for GoI Scheme under RGGVY scheme for Electrification of rural areas in India.
  5. Project Management Consultancy (PMC) works for RGGVY/NEF Scheme.
  6. RGGVY Quality monitoring in 9 states of India.
  7. Third Party Inspection of Feeder Renovation Programme/HVDS schemes.
  8. Study on Socio Economic impact of RGGVY.
  9. Consultancy in selection of developer for power plant.
  10. Study of Energy Efficient Pump-sets.
  11. Consultancy for preparation of cost data.
  12. Evaluation/Impact study of HVDS schemes.
  13. System studies of HT and LT network.
  14. IT in Power Distribution related works.
  15. Energy Meter Data Analysis.
  16. PMC works for AMR & MRI based Energy Billing.
  17. Energy Audit of Buildings.
  18. Work as Lenders Engineer.

With the above experience to deliver qualitatively, REC PDCL is very much capable and fulfills the requirements of power utilities in Generation, Transmission and Distribution sector also, in respect of following consultancy assignments:

  1. Project Management Consultancy & Engineering Analysis.
  2. GPS based survey and GIS mapping.
  3. Energy Audit of Electrical Distribution Feeder.
  4. Assessment of AT & C Losses of Power System.
  5. Bid Process Management Consultancy.
  6. Physical Asset Verification.
  7. Impact Studies of various schemes in Power Distribution Sector.
  8. Capex Review, Load Survey and Forecast of Demand.
  9. Preparation of Master Plan for T&D network.
  10. Cost Data Book for Capex Review.
  11. Energy Audit in Thermal Power Stations.
  12. Residual Life Expectancy Studies.
  13. SMART GRID activities.
  14. Training based on electrical engineering including IT & GIS based technologies.

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